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Oklahoma State University


"My experience overall helped me visualize how art, architecture, and culture can all be so much more than what i imagined. These insights have given me a refreshed passion for what I was already passionate about, which is Architecture and design." -Architecture student 2019

"Studying abroad through OSU has been my best decision throughout college. I was able to find a program that was perfect for me and allowed me to expand my knowledge and be prepared to enter a global workforce. I also grew tremendously as an individual. Studying abroad throws you out of your comfort zone and the result is learning to stand solidly on my own two feet! I gained a lot of memories and had many good times, but I also came back a different person and I will be forever impacted by my semester abroad." -Biosystems Engineering Student 2019


"It was an incredible and invaluable experience. It has open my mind to the different cultures in the regions that we visited that I would never have gotten from anywhere else." -Aerospace Engineering Student 2019


"Studying abroad has been one of my best experiences in college. It has helped me become more confident and expanded my horizons to consider working internationally."  -Industrial Engineering Student. 2019

"The Study Abroad Program to Japan was an incredibly inspirational trip.  After taking years of challenging engineering courses and spending countless hours studying mind numbing technical texts, actually visiting state-of-the-art facilities and seeing first hand their latest innovations reminded me why I chose a career in engineering to begin with".
-Jack Richey
“Talking with local students about cultural differences between us was amazing.  It really helped highlight how we may have different backgrounds but we can still communicate and relate.  In addition to that, it was incredibly rewarding to be able to navigate public transportation in large foreign cities". -Study Abroad Programs
“I gained a level of perspective that I could not have ever attained while living in the U.S.  Perspective into how our nation exists in relation to other nations and how our actions impact others”
Study Abroad Programs
“Learning how Mexican engineers deal with earthqauakes and other natural disasters was my most rewarding experience”.
Study Abroad to Mexico
"The most rewarding experience for me was being able to see traditional Mexican culture and see their hospitality towards foreigners".
Study Abroad to Mexico